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CORS Subscriptions:

The CORS users may utilize the CORS real-time services by applying for a subscription. Subscriptions are made available in UP, Haryana, Punjab, MP, Uttarkhand, Maharashtra, Karnataka and NCR Region. Subscriptions are free of charge to (1) Central Govt. users, (2) State Govt. users, (3) Govt. academic instituitions. In addition to these, consultants directly on roll with State/Central Govt. Dept./Ministries will also be granted free of charge access to CORS services. For rest categaories, Users can check the Subscription and Pricing for different services on “Subscription Charges” page.

Application Process:

User can register himself by filling the Online Application Form available on the website. For this user needs to fill the personal information, viz., Name, Address, Mobile Number, Email id, Organization name and also users have to set User name and password.

Along with this, user needs to download hardcopy of application form available in .pdf format on the web site and upload duly filled copy along with personal and organizational ID card copy at end of registration page.


Each login entitles the subscriber to access one stream from the CORS servers anywhere in the Network at any time.



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