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Advantages of Network RTK

  • No need to purchase and set up a reference station
  • The accuracies of the computed rover positions are more homogeneous
  • The same area can be covered with fewer reference stations (i.e., compared to the number of permanent reference stations required using single reference RTK)
  • Higher reliability and availability of RTK corrections (e.g., one station goes down, another station can take over)
  • No need to post process and adjust reference data to national grid
  • Higher accuracy compared to long baseline single RTK
  • Higher productivity of two rovers versus one base and one rover
  • For topographic survey, the use of a 3-5 second occupations will reduce the effect of individual coordinate solution variations. For precise work, especially control where the height component is important, the process of double window averaging should be undertaken. Users should observe an averaged window of around 3 minutes followed by another averaged window of the same length separated from the first by a suitable period e.g., 20 minutes



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