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SOI CORS Network provides access to a stable, national coordinate reference system (via GNSS data). It enables Real-time Kinematic (RTK) positioning services, , which are ideal for surveying, construction and precision agricultural applications.

SOI CORS Network can deliver efficiencies within a variety of market sectors including agriculture, construction, surveying and asset management.

You can save time and money and complete more jobs during the working day. The data can be available to all users using a common coordinate reference system.


When used for the precise positioning of farm machinery, SOI CORS Network can be used to improve crop yields. You can plan and manage seed sowing more precisely for instance, to create less waste and reduce costs.


SOI CORS Network can be used for machine control on construction sites. This creates efficiencies by increasing the accuracy of the work, cutting fuel use and reducing operator error.


SOI CORS Network is used for land monitoring, building and setting out, among other types of surveying. Initialisation is faster and there is no need for a base station or another pair of hands.

Accurate asset management

Companies in the energy and infrastructure sector use SOI CORS Network to map their buried services precisely. This saves time in relocation and enables repairs to be carried out quickly and efficiently.



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